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The 1998 animated musical drama movie “The Prince of Egypt” is now available on Netflix! “The Prince of Egypt” has been a cherished classic for more than 20 years thanks to its entrancing music, gorgeous animation, and timeless message. This article will give a brief overview of the eagerly awaited release of “The Prince of Egypt” on Netflix, examine the voice actors who lent their voices to the movie, examine its plot and production process, talk about the movie’s critical and popular reception, and contrast it with other animated films. Last but not least, we’ll explain why you should watch “The Prince of Egypt Netflix” and why everyone should.

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Overview of Prince of Egypt movie

An animated musical movie called Prince of Egypt, which debuted in 1998, depicts the historical tale of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt. Brenda Chapman, Steve Hickner, and Simon Wells co-directed the movie, which also stars Val Kilmer, Ralph Fiennes, Michelle Pfeiffer, Sandra Bullock, Jeff Goldblum, and Patrick Stewart as voice actors. The film has become a beloved classic for countless generations thanks to its breathtaking animation, stirring music, and compelling plot.

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Prince of Egypt on Netflix: Release Date and Availability

Prince of Egypt Netflix

When is Prince of Egypt Coming to Netflix?

Prince of Egypt was added to Netflix’s streaming library on October 1st, 2021. 

Where is Prince of Egypt Available on Netflix?

Prince of Egypt is currently available to stream on all of Netflix’s platforms.

How to Access Prince of Egypt on Netflix?

To access Prince of Egypt on Netflix, simply log in to your Netflix account and search for the title in the search bar. The movie will then be available for streaming on your device of choice.

The Amazing Voice Cast of Prince of Egypt on Netflix

Prince of Egypt Netflix

Main Cast of Prince of Egypt on Netflix

Val Kilmer plays Moses, Ralph Fiennes plays Ramses, Michelle Pfeiffer plays Tzipporah, and Sandra Bullock plays Miriam in the Netflix original film Prince of Egypt.

Supporting Cast of Prince of Egypt on Netflix

Aaron is portrayed by Jeff Goldblum, Jethro is portrayed by Danny Glover, and Pharaoh Seti I is portrayed by Patrick Stewart in The Prince of Egypt on Netflix’s supporting cast.

Behind the Voice Actors of Prince of Egypt

The movie also has a stellar supporting cast and amazing behind-the-scenes talent. Hans Zimmer and Stephen Schwartz wrote the score for the movie, and the great Whitney Houston recorded a top-charting rendition of the title song from the movie, “When You Believe.”

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The Storyline of Prince of Egypt: A Brief Summary

Prince of Egypt Netflix

Overview of the Storyline of Prince of Egypt

The biblical tale of Moses, who was born a slave in Egypt and eventually freed the Israelites from servitude, is shown in Prince of Egypt. The story examines ideas of fraternity, freedom, and faith.

Plot Synopsis of Prince of Egypt

Moses is resolved to assist his people in escaping from their slavery in Egypt after learning that he is actually an Israelite and not an Egyptian. Ramses, his adopted brother, who has since assumed the title of Pharaoh, is apprehensive about releasing the Israelites.

Ramses is eventually persuaded to free the Israelites by Moses through a succession of calamities and miraculous interventions. The famous Red Sea crossing and the Israelites’ successful flight from Egypt serve as the movie’s climax.

Key Themes in Prince of Egypt

The book Prince of Egypt tackles issues of freedom, faith, and identity. The complicated connection between Moses and Ramses, who start the story as close brothers but become into ferocious rivals as it goes on, is another topic covered in the movie. Characters struggle with issues of fate, giving up things for others, and living a better life throughout the entire movie.

The Reception of Prince of Egypt: Reviews and Feedback

Prince of Egypt Netflix

Critical Response to Prince of Egypt

When Prince of Egypt was first released in 1998, it received positive reviews. The animation, graphics, and music of the film were lauded by critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, the movie now has an 80% approval rating, with numerous reviews praising its stunning visuals and compelling narrative. The film has won praise for its respectful and interesting presentation of the life of Moses.

Public Reaction to the Prince of Egypt

The film was also favorably received by viewers, who praised its fidelity to the biblical account while including fresh elements to make it more engrossing for contemporary viewers. Hans Zimmer’s score for the movie, which included songs by Stephen Schwartz, won great acclaim. With almost $218 million in global box office receipts, the movie did well.

Impact of Prince of Egypt on the Animation Industry

The utilization of cutting-edge animation methods and compelling storytelling in Prince of Egypt solidified its status as a contemporary classic and had a huge impact on the animation industry. As one of the earliest animated movies with an all-star voice cast that included Val Kilmer, Ralph Fiennes, and Michelle Pfeiffer, the film’s popularity paved the door for later animated movies to tackle more sophisticated and nuanced subjects.

Behind the Scenes: Making of Prince of Egypt

Prince of Egypt Netflix

Development of Prince of Egypt

Producer Jeffrey Katzenberg was looking for a plot to help establish DreamWorks Animation as a significant force in the animation industry when he came up with the idea for Prince of Egypt. The creation of the film required more than four years, during which time biblical historians were consulted and an in-depth study was done to ensure the veracity of the plot.

Animation Techniques Used in Prince of Egypt

The stunning images in Prince of Egypt were produced using a variety of cutting-edge animation techniques, including computer-generated imagery (CGI). A method known as “multi-plane” animation was also used by the film’s animators to give the scenes in the movie a feeling of depth and perspective.

Challenges Faced During the Making of Prince of Egypt

Making an authentic and compelling version of the biblical account of Moses while simultaneously appealing to a contemporary audience was one of the main problems faced throughout the production of Prince of Egypt. The movie’s religious undertones had to be balanced with its modern storytelling, which required a lot of research and conversation with academics and religious leaders.

Comparing Prince of Egypt with Other Animated Movies

Prince of Egypt Netflix

Similarities and Differences with Disney Animated Movies

Prince of Egypt distinguishes itself by tackling more sophisticated and complicated issues, even if it bears many similarities with Disney’s animated films in terms of music and animation methods. The Prince of Egypt explores themes of faith, sacrifice, and redemption, whereas Disney movies often center on love and friendship.

Differentiation from Other Animated Movies

Prince of Egypt sets itself apart from other animated films by focusing on religion and portraying a real-life historical character. Prince of Egypt portrays the narrative of Moses, a religious person who is revered by millions of people worldwide, in contrast to many animated films that feature fictional or legendary figures.

Comparison with Other Religious-Themed Animated Movies

The ability of Prince of Egypt to develop a story that is both interesting and respectful of its source material sets it apart from other animated films with religious themes. Prince of Egypt takes on its subject matter with respect and intelligence, as opposed to other films that could rely on overly generalized or antiquated clichés.

Conclusion: Why You Should Watch Prince of Egypt on Netflix

Reasons to Watch Prince of Egypt on Netflix

A powerful and wonderfully animated film, Prince of Egypt, respectfully and interestingly presents the story of Moses. For fans of animation and storytelling, the movie is a must-see because it makes use of cutting-edge animation methods, has an all-star cast, and has a lovely soundtrack.

Impact of Prince of Egypt on the Film Industry and Society

Prince of Egypt made a big impact on the movie business and helped make DreamWorks Animation a dominant force in the animation industry. It also served as a reminder of the necessity of exploring complicated ideas and characters in movies and the strength of effective narrative.

Final Thoughts on Prince of Egypt on Netflix

The timeless classic Prince of Egypt still has an impact on viewers today. Anyone interested in animation, narrative, or religious topics must watch it because of its stirring message of faith, sacrifice, and redemption. Be sure to watch it on Netflix if you haven’t already and discover the magic for yourself. In conclusion, “The Prince of Egypt” is a classic work of art that has enthralled viewers for more than 20 years. It is a fantastic opportunity for both new and seasoned viewers to enjoy the charm of this great movie now that it is available on Netflix. “The Prince of Egypt” continues to uplift and amuse with its stunning animation, amazing music, and inspiring message. Enjoy this great experience by watching this masterpiece on Netflix.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is “The Prince of Egypt” on Netflix?

Yes, “The Prince of Egypt” is now available on Netflix.

Is “The Prince of Egypt” a Disney movie?

No, “The Prince of Egypt” is not a Disney movie. It was produced by DreamWorks Animation.

Is “The Prince of Egypt” appropriate for children?

“The Prince of Egypt” is rated PG for its intense depiction of thematic elements. Parents may want to watch the movie first to determine if it is suitable for their children.

Where can I watch “The Prince of Egypt” other than Netflix?

Aside from Netflix, “The Prince of Egypt” can also be purchased or rented from popular streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, and iTunes. It may also be available on cable TV or other streaming services depending on your location.

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